La Vie Boheme!

When I think of “boho” or “bohemian-inspired” outfits, I picture bold patterns, contrasting colors, and layering of over-the-top accessories and clothing influenced by the Middle Ages with cultural elements of India, Persia and Southeast Asia, among other ethnic styles that inspire us today. The essence of the bohemian style is simple– free and flowy. Many … More La Vie Boheme!

Thrifting 101

Calling all thrifting newbies, junkies and frugalistas!!! Are you familiar with the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Or in this case, one woman’s old pair of Levi’s is another woman’s trendy fashion statement? Thrifting has always been considered the last resort or go-to store for families who couldn’t afford purchasing brand new … More Thrifting 101

Blogging Newbie

Here I am (after years of putting it off), writing my first blog post of the year, and well… ever! Since the beginning of time… Well, since the beginning of my time, I have always had that creative “spark”, whether it be in my writing or being creative in general. As a young girl, you … More Blogging Newbie