The Secret’s in the Tea!

Beautiful skin has always been one of my struggles in life. I’m sure many of you have experienced the pain and heartache that come with wanting clear, flawless skin. And, for those of you who were blessed with beautiful skin, well- LUCKY YOU (rolls eyes)! Throughout my adolescent and teenage years, I struggled with accepting my physical self. Heck, at the age of twenty-six, I still continue to struggle, but I’ve learned to accept my other flaws. Imperfection is perfection- it’s what makes each and everyone of us unique!

Although it is more important to accept and love ourselves both inside and out, we still tend to compare ourselves to others and to society as a whole. I’m sure that even the most admired woman has struggled with acne at one point in her life, right?

Acne-prone skin runs in my family, so it tends to be a lot easier to find skincare products that I would be willing to try or recommend. My sisters and I compare face washes, soaps, scrubs- you name it, we’ve probably tried it! There have been times where it was hard for me to even look at myself in the mirror without feeling ugly, ashamed, dirty and possibly every other self-loathing word in the book! When I began going through puberty at the end of eighth grade (yes, I was a late bloomer), my face broke out to the point that my family started making remarks about it. Their concern for my problem didn’t make the situation any better.  This caused me to become even more self-conscious! Once I started using foundation and powder, I usually packed it on my face to hide as many blemishes as possible, but that was just adding more fuel to the fire!  I would even go to sleep with the make-up on, possibly one of the worse things to do to your face!

I tried all kinds of skincare products that wouldn’t work. They would either dry out my skin or cause it to flake. My sisters would recommend products like Proactive and I would use it for months at a time, but no progress came from using it. I would have dry, flaky, red skin on top of my blemishes! It was terrible, especially for a teenage girl who already had problems accepting herself. At eighteen years old, I finally decided to make a doctor’s appointment and see if birth control would work, and thank goodness it did! After a month or  so, I began to notice my face clearing up and looking somewhat flawless. However, my mood would fluctuate from being the happiest person one moment, to crying for no reason the next. That in itself was exhausting for both my self and others around me. Birth control does work, however, it can cause blood-clotting and other medical concerns. I suggest trying it at your own risk.

The secret’s in the tea, guys! It’s as simple as that! After all these years of trial and error, I finally found a remedy that works for my skin! Triple Leaf Tea Detox is my holy grail skincare product! It has become a part of my beauty and health routine for the past six months or so, and is one of the most delicious teas… EVER! I have recommended this tea to family, friends and now I’m here recommending it to you! I promise you, you will thank me after a few months of drinking this tea.

So, how did I discover this magical elixir, you say? Cost Plus/World Market! On one of my random visits to World Market,  I was browsing through the teas and just happened to stumble upon this one, mind you, I was at a desperate point to finding a product that I can add to my daily health and beauty routine. I was a bit iffy at first, and I thought that it would taste terrible, but, it was the best decision that I made that day! Within a month of drinking a cup of the Detox tea daily, I have noticed an improvement in my face- acne scars were less visible, dark spots were gone and I was overwhelmed with joy! Don’t get me wrong, I do get blemishes here and there, but that’s when Mother Nature decides to bring me my monthly gift.

I can go on and on about this tea and persuade each and every one of you to try it out, but seeing is believing, right? The one mistake I made was not taking a “before” picture before I started drinking this tea. It would be easier for me to persuade you all with  “before” and “after” pictures, but I guess all you can do is… TRUST MY WORD!

It’s healthy, it’s a reasonable price and it’s delicious!!! Unfortunately this is not a sponsored post, so I’m not getting paid to promote this product. I’m doing this only because I know it works, and I was THAT person who would go searching for solutions to my skin problems.

Love to you all,

Vanessa Dawn

“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows.” – Audrey Hepburn


Below is some general information about this tea. Enjoy!



Triple Leaf Tea Detox consists of Chinese Purification/Healthy Skin herbs and is a traditional support of the defenses. The Chinese medicinal herbs in this tea help support the liver, kidneys, lungs, blood and cleanses the body of toxins caused by the environment. These harmful toxins can be found in smoke, air, water and food. The herbs also aide in the promotion of clear, healthy skin, increase the flow of energy to the body and mind, and promote positive and peaceful emotions.

Ingredients: Red Clover Flowering Top, herb; Dandelion Leaf, herb; Asian Plantain Leaf; Ginger root; Fo-Ti root; Schisandra fruit; Burdock root; Astragalus root; Lysimachia root; Kudzu root; Peppermint Leaf; Cinnamon bark; Isatis root, leaf; Solomon’s seal rhizome; Duckweed root; Licorice root; Japanese Honeysuckle flower; Tokyo Violet root; herb; Natural Lemon flavor; other natural citrus flavors.

*Disclaimer*: This product is not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers. Please consult with your doctor before consuming this tea.

Picture #1 (L-Side): This image shows the front side of the packaged tea bag. It has the logo and brand name as you can see.

Picture  #2 (R-Side): This image shows the back side of the packaged tea bag and includes the directions, purpose and ingredients for the tea.

Picture #3 (Bottom): This image shows the actual box that the 20 tea bags come in. Each type of tea is packaged in a different color box, with the purpose for the tea on the front.


For more information on this particular brand and other products by Triple Leaf Tea, click on the link:




Blogging Newbie

Here I am (after years of putting it off), writing my first blog post of the year, and well… ever! Since the beginning of time… Well, since the beginning of my time, I have always had that creative “spark”, whether it be in my writing or being creative in general. As a young girl, you would think that I would have had a diary to write my inner-most thoughts and feelings that at a young age would have experienced-secret crushes, how my life wasn’t fair because my parents wouldn’t let me stay at me bff’s house, or the usual gossip a young female adolescent would be involved in. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I despised, loathed, antagonized writing in a diary! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love journals and diaries (collecting the pretty ones), I just don’t like writing in them on a consistent basis. Every year, I would ask for a new diary or journal and divulge myself into writing in it-on a daily basis. I would convince myself and stay persistent for about a week or two, and then all of a sudden, my writing would completely stop. The journal would sit on my shelf or stuffed in a drawer for months, even years, until I would stumble upon it and either give it away or trash it.

It wasn’t until my eighth grade year in middle school that I started believing in my passion for writing. We would get assigned creative writing assignments that involved narratives, persuasive, and poetry pieces. Due to my English teacher being a very eccentric and well-rounded individual, I was given the opportunity to take classes with a close friend of hers who was a poet and  all-around very inspirational writer. Sadly, I don’t even remember her name. You would think that for being someone who inspired me, I would have remember her name, right? It’s unfortunate that I don’t. But, like I was saying, this individual would come and teach the class, two or so days a week. She would have her examples and exercises ready for us, explaining how to write specific creative writing pieces. Towards the end of her writing course, I had accumulated a good amount of poetry pieces that I still have!!! I’m actually surprised that I still have these pieces of work, considering the amount of times that I have moved from one home to another. Looking back on this opportunity, I am more appreciative and thankful for those adults in my life who I didn’t give enough credit to during my adolescent and teenage years.

I still couldn’t convince myself to write in a journal on a consistent basis until a couple of my friends introduced me to a website called Xanga. I’m not too sure if it’s still around today, but it was basically an online journal with the additional music playlist and html codes that you can use to make it fit your personality. I was addicted to this website-once I got home from school and completed my homework, I would be updating and tweaking it until my parents yelled at me to go to bed. It was just as popular as Instagram and Facebook in the early 2000’s. This website was literally my online diary- I would write my feelings and whatever else was on my adolescent mind at the time. Looking back on that time, I guess you can say that I was actually blogging.

As I got into high school, my writing skills developed tremendously, but there was still no consistent journal writing. The online diary was over and done with, I moved on to taking pictures and capturing moments, rather than writing everything down. I regret not keeping a journal/diary throughout my teen years, where my emotions were unstable and I was angry at the world all the damn time for no particular reason (excuse my French). It would have helped me understand my feelings, but nope- I was a lazy and procrastinating individual, two qualities that I still struggle with in adulthood.

I feel like this was more of a rant that an actual blog post?

Well, to finish this post off, my intentions were to explain how I came to the point of dipping my toes into the freezing water of blogging, so to speak. For one, I enjoy creative writing and the abundance of topics that I can write about excites me. At this moment and as I type, my confidence in blogging is beginning to surpass what I intentionally started out with- 0 confidence to be specific. My intentions that I have for my readers are to inspire, create, and fill each and everyone of your lives with a little bit of happiness, humor, and of course, interesting information- on health, beauty, fashion, travel, education, philosophy or life in general. My goal is to inspire and to be inspired. Simple as that.

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” – Audrey Hepburn

Love to you all,

Vanessa Dawn